The backbone of the ludo land game (luga) is the polygonal grid on which the coin is built. The number of luga coins is one billion pieces. The 500 million coins circulating on the platforms will be approximately 50% of the coins and 300 million coins equal to about 30% of the rewards and 100 million 10% for advertising and development and 100 million 10% for the team to control the game economy.


Weekly competitions

There will be weekly competitions for participating players, and prizes will be distributed to 100 winners and they will be included in their selection list in Esports.


It is a competition that takes place every month and is broadcast live, and the contestants compete for prizes. 10 winners will be selected and included in the game’s honor list.


Bonuses are given to holders of coins when they are stored approximately 300% – 150% to raise the economy of the coin, 30% of the coin is allocated to it, after the specified amount runs out, the economic output will be distributed to the game and will be in continuous form.